Saturday, June 26, 2010

Simple Rustic Barn Board Bench

A little spot in the back yard has been calling for some sort of seating for the last couple of years. Just as this year, a number of years ago I got wood for Mother's Day and made an arbor of sorts. It sits up against the back of the house and has a couple of great honeysuckle vines climbing it but there was no place to sit underneath it and that was just a shame.

So, as I was scrounging around in the storage area under the deck, I stumbled upon some old barn board. Remember these barn windows I made into mirrors? Well, at the time hubs salvaged those from the barn his parents were destroying, he also brought me some of the wood itself not knowing why exactly I wanted it. I didn't either. I just knew it would come in handy. And it did. So, in just a couple of hours, I whipped together this little bench.

I love how you can still see some paint on parts of it. Gives it more of a rustic look. I have yet to seal it but I certainly will. Because the seat part of the bench was originally lap siding, I used the "wrong" side of the wood as the top. That means the part that was painted originally is now facing down and the unsealed part of it is facing up. If I want the bench to last any length of time, a sealant must be applied. Just not today!

Then I remembered a old rusty gate that we found at our new property in the country and got Jay to bring that home for me. Perfect!

See that little basket with the "garden" label holding the flowers? It was a gift from one of my little Sunday School sweeties! Meant for this bench!

Finally, the kids had to check it out as with every project! This time I got baby girl Ari to sit a spell - isn't she just a little cutie?

I am perfectly pleased with the way the bench turned out and now know that I need to keep even more of the wood from the shed we destroyed earlier this summer. Unknown projects abound, I am sure!

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