Thursday, March 25, 2010

What We Did Without the Kids

First of all, I want to say a huge, huge, HUGE thanks to mom-and-dad-in-law for suggesting the kids, all the kids, come for a sleepover 2 days ago! They may never know how important those nights are for us . . . or for the kids. Let me just say that if you are a grandparent to little ones and you live fairly close to them, take those grandbabies for a sleepover on a semi-regular basis. Your kids will be so very thrilled at the night alone and the bonding time you create with the grands is unparalleled! I am so, so, SO blessed that they initiate these nights and are so gracious about them!

With the kids happily playing at grandma's and grandpa's we headed for the city. Now, earlier in the week, Jay and I had a conversation about what makes dates especially good for me. The biggest, most important factor?? Not being rushed. Not cramming so much into those few hours that we don't have time to just enjoy and be. No rushing. We don't get into the city all that frequently so when we do, it is a matter of trying to accomplish as many things as possible in as little time as possible. Groceries. Stop at this store. Stop at that store. I know the reasoning behind it: you already paid for the gas so you might as well make the most of it. I agree - somewhat. Dates should be different. So, with this particular date night, he made the plans and I didn't know we were going to do. However, I knew it wouldn't be rushed as we had no babysitter at home waiting for us.

First of all, we went to the HSC Foundation Home Lottery Million-Dollar Homes! Yes, we toured 2 houses that would sell for more than $1, 000, 000. That is a lot of zeros! Beautiful homes. I love to tour houses! This time, however, the tour was a tad more intentional as we have our next house in the back of our minds. It really allowed us to see what we liked, what we didn't, what would work, what wouldn't, and sizes of rooms. I just printed of the floor plans for those way-out-of-our-price-range homes and realized that some of the room sizes are similar to the floorplan we are contemplating. We just may need to take a trip back! A few things stood out. The kitchen cupboards in the one home came all the way down to the counter. Looks pretty but eats up valuable counter space. Not very practical. One house had self-closing kitchen drawers, one didn't. I want the self-closing kind that you cannot slam! The countertops in the one kitchen were Caesarstone, a really cool looking material. It kind of looked like concrete with lots of little pieces of broken glass pressed in the top and then covered with a really shiny smooth veneer. It was really pretty and unique. The laundry rooms were tiny! They aren't expecting to do very much laundry or the maid does it, as Jay said! Each master ensuite had a jetted tub but it wasn't a double tub! Come on! I cannot wait to sit in a jetted tub with Jay on those cold windy winter nights! One had a spiral staircase which was cool except everyone kept bumping their head on it! One had lots of wasted hallway space. Oh, the theatre room was amazing. You know where all your kid's friends would be if you owned that! Somehow I was expecting a million dollar house to look like . . . more. Don't get me wrong - it was beautiful! And so much fun!!

Then he took me shopping! That's right, Jay took me dress shopping! He knew I wanted a dress but had to wait until after June until my thrift-for-a-year is done so he bought me a dress! First we went to Ricki's where the saleslady had to strip 2 mannequins to get the dress in my size! Funny thing is, they fit on the bust but were too big in the hips! HA! I found that amusing! I am certainly not big on top or little in the hips! Then we went to Le Chateau! I tried on about 30 dresses! It was so fun and at the end of it all, he bought me a beautiful black dress that could be dolled up for a date or conservative enough for church! Now I have a new dress for Easter, just as the girls do! I cannot show you any of the dresses cause I didn't bring my camera plus their website doesn't show any of them! Oh, well! You just have to believe me, it was a hoot! The only slightly disappointing part was I didn't actually get to see many of the things in the store as Jay was constantly bringing me things to try on! I could definately do that again (though Jay may have to work a little harder to afford it!)! I will be sure to take a picture of the girls in their dresses and me in mine come Easter!

After stopping to do a little grocery shopping (it is inevitable we need something!), we went for a very late supper, about 10pm, to Earls! We choose a booth where we could snuggle together and talk! I love leisurely meals shared side-by-side in the quiet of a restaurant. At home, we don't sit beside each other (crowd control works better if we don't) and meals are neither leisurely or quiet! It is the little things like that I so enjoy! Then off to home where . . . well . . . some things are better kept secret!

Evenings like that are a valuable treat in our marriage and I certainly don't take them for granted! So, mom and dad, when is the next one??!! :)


  1. I love those kind-of dates too. It's amazing how much you can talk about when the kiddies aren't around!

  2. I think the "not rushing" part is THE BEST! I don't like rushing - especially a meal that I HAVE NOT HAD TO MAKE!! Glad you guys had a great evening out :)!!


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