Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recent Crochet Projects

So, these are the latest crochet projects I have completed!
When I look at these next 3 I think of Neopolitan Icecream or of a strawberry sundae! I was experimenting with the sizes of the stripes. Not so much a fan of the first one (though I do like the light pink edge), like the second one better but the last is my favorite! Now I just need to add the "strings" to the earflaps! These earflap baby beanie patterns are courtesy of Inner Hooker.

This next hat is the scalloped beanie hat from Inner Hooker as well but I modified it slightly so I could run a "ribbon" through the bottom edge. Two little cream flowers add the perfect touch to this soft pink hat crocheted in very soft Bernat Satin 100% Acrylic yarn.

I wanted to create my own hat pattern and this is what I ended up with! I love the color combination - makes me think of watermelon or strawberries. I love the green and red together.

This is another take on my hat pattern. I added some crazy colored 100% polyester glitter yarn in with the turquoise on the top of the hat! The burgundy adds the perfect contrast while the corded edge finishes it off nicely. Could you imagine this hat on a little baby princess? So cute!

I finally picked up some cotton yarn the other day and set to work making some brimmed hats. This beanie with brim pattern is courtesy of Angels Chest Boutique. This burgundy brimmed beanie is so cute with a triple flower in white, hot pink and burgundy while a pearl button nestled in the center adds the perfect finishing touch.

Lastly, this Crazy Easy Textured Newsboy Cap is courtesy of thnkdfrent. This white hat is set off with a hot pink band adorned with silver buttons and the edge is finished in a corded look. Now to make a couple of manly ones for the boys!

No, these hats are not all for my little people. I am seriously considering opening an Etsy shop. What a perfect way for me to create my crafts and make a little money. Anyone have any good name suggestions? Anyone in need of a hat? I know someone who would love to make you one! :)


  1. These are gorgeous!! How much do you charge for them? I'm interested!

  2. These are so sweet! My fav is your pattern, teal & hot pink. Good job :)!

  3. wow. those are unbelievable!!!! i can't decide which is my favourite!

  4. i would love hats for my girls and have looked in the past at esty stuff . I love the ones with the offset large flowers especially for the little girls. i would totally be interested in buying a few

  5. Returning your visit to my blog. First off--these hats are so adorable. I promise to answer all your questions about the trim and cabinets in a post soon, it's been a crazy week. Thanks for stopping by. Sandra @sawdustandpaperscraps


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