Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decor - Beautiful Banister

I have finally finished my Christmas decorating and it is so nice to just sit and listen to the strains of Christmas music difting through the air while the tree softly glimmers in the living room and the candles glow so beautifully! The banister was the last thing to get decorated this year - it is usually a quick job (well, as quick as it can be with constant interruptions by 5 kids - so, what, 3, 4 hours from start to finish??!! Uninterrupted, maybe 1?) and this year was no exception.

I start by wrapping the banister in fake greenery - 3 of the 9' lengths work perfectly for me. I wrap it quite tightly so you see little of the banister and lots of green. After adding many white lights, I weave narrow tulle through the garland. I bought it from a dollar store a number of years ago - it is soft narrow tulle that came on a roll. You could also cut tulle-by-the-metre into strips and do it that way.

Finally, I add just a few ornaments. I always put my dried orange ornaments here. With all the traffic up and down, I don't have to worry about things falling off and breaking. I dried these eons ago when we lived in the apartment right after we got married. It took forever in that oven but was so worth it. I don't remember what temperature to do them at - really low, I am sure - but I do remember to dry them until they are no longer sticky. If you google it, I am sure you will get some better instructions. After they were all dried, I sprayed them with gold glitter spray for some extra sparkle. I made some into a garland and some as single ornaments. When the light shines through them, they remind me of stained glass!

This year I found some additional pretties at the dollar store. I found these red sparkly berries/apples on tall picks. I pulled them apart and made bunches of threes that I stuck here and there.

I also added a few white poinsettias, also from the dollar store, edged in silver sparkle.

Finally, I made a large bow out of some red, black and white wired ribbon and attached it to the base of the banister. Just perfect!

What a festive way to greet guests as they come in our door.

Simple, easy, quick and oh-so-pretty! I love having these lights on and watching the glow!

Now to turn on that music, plug in the lights, light the candles and relax! Decorating is done!

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  1. Lovely!! I just slipped over from Centsational Girl, through to yours. I'm in a semi and just dont have the space or glam to imagine the beauty you all do with your homes. YOUR spirit does encourage one though!
    Merry Christmas,
    Brenda J.Moore,Oshawa Ontario Canada
    I also sell on etsy. bjmoore.etsy.com -keeps an unable to work anymore gal from going bananas.


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