Monday, July 18, 2011

What I Did Today . . .

This heat (35.5C/95.9F on my thermometer) just saps my energy, I tell you!  I just want to curl up in bed with a good book.  However, that is not likely to happen anytime soon!  So, instead, I headed out to the country property to meet the gas line guy that marked the locations of the gas line on our yard.  We plan to move our driveway in the next couple of weeks and make a new wider one in another location.  Important to know where the gas main is, wouldn't you say?  While there, I hilled our potatoes and felt like someone was watching me.  Well, not really, but these guys had their eyes on me the whole time!

They are so CUTE!  In case you don't recognize them, they are young merlins, a type of falcon.  Their parents made their home in an old crow's nest at the top of one of our evergreen trees right next to the garden.  These babes watch our every move.  I am not completely thrilled that they are making their home on our yard as they are birds of prey and do eat other birds I would rather have on our yard so we will see.  Maybe we will take down the nest in the future or maybe they will be less prone to making a home on that yard once there is more activity.  Right now, it is fairly quiet there.

I came home to see one of my new daylilies blooming - such. a. beauty!  This one is called "Jamaican Me Crazy"!  I love the name and the flower is gorgeous!

Finally, I abandoned all things creative in favor of all things boring and necessary - I was cleaning the house.  I purged -- get this -- 19 pairs of shoes!  19 PAIRS!  WOW!  That is a tonne!  Some went in the garbage, some are going to a friend and a whole pile are going to the thrift store.  It took a bit of time trying on the shoes on the various kids to see if they actually fit anyone, if they were in good shape, and if they were just too cute to part with (those ones are going to a friend).  Yes, a couple pairs were mine.  Yes, I do have a shoe fetish.  Yes, contrary to one of my tank tops, you can have too many shoes!  Hopefully my entrance will be a little easier to maintain now.

Now, I will whip up some to. die. for. hot fudge sauce and lay low with some icecream and that book I mentioned earlier!  I earned it.  Well, maybe not, but the cleaning can always continue tomorrow.  It promises to be even hotter then!  YIKES!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the delicious snack savored at the end of a day of HOT HOT HOT work!! What book do you have on the go?


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