Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Love

This past Sunday a very important event occurred here at our home - my dearly loved husband reached the ripe age of 35!!  I, for one, am exceedingly blessed that he was brought into this world 35 years ago.  He has changed not only my life but many others because of his presence here on this earth!  If I would use words to characterize him, I would say he is steady.  Stable.  Predictable.  Loving.  Giving.  A servant.  Hard-working.  Efficient.  A saver.  A hands-on kind of dad.  A thoughtful husband.  Content with very little. A Godly man.  I love to watch him play with the kids, the way they climb all over him and run to him when he comes home.  If they haven't seen him in a few hours, they greet him as though he was gone for a week.  Every night when he comes home, they are exceedingly overjoyed that daddy is home.  He has stolen their hearts!  He is the kind of husband that will fold laundry when I have gone out grocery shopping and would rather clean the kitchen then watch TV knowing that a clean kitchen makes me happy.  He is constantly thinking about how he can serve and rarely takes thought of himself.  He shows me he loves me each and every day through little things like writing me notes or phone calls in the middle of the day or big things like making supper when I have been sewing all day.  He is a precious man and I am so blessed that he chose to marry me.  So, yes, I am thrilled that Jason was born and that the Lord brought him into my life.  I sure hope we can celebrate many, many, many more birthdays together.  I love you, dear!

Since we had just gotten home from being gone for about a week, Jay was quite happy to keep the celebration low key.  We didn't even have cake!  But, I insisted we go golfing together and he loved that!  I even improved over the Father's Day attempt.  He was a little miffed that I went golfing on Father's Day and he didn't so taking him golfing for his birthday was to make up for it.  :)  Plus, Jay's version of golfing success is whether or not we come home with more golf balls then we started with - he is always looking for them in the bush!  However, with that standard, we failed miserably as we both lost more than we found!  Oh, well!  We still had lots of fun and maybe we can go again later this summer!  After all, we still have two more Buy 1, Get 1 coupons to use!

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