Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning Tip - Window Screens

Just a quick spring cleaning tip that you may already know about. If not, here is a really quick and easy way to clean those window screens that may have accumulated dust, dirt and grime over the winter.

1. Remove screen from window and wet down in the bath or shower. I usually just pour a container of water over the screen to dampen it.

2. Find a bath pouff and some body wash. Dampen the pouff with water and pour a small amount of body wash on it.

3. Rub all over the window screen, on both sides for good measure. It will suds and get all soapy.

4. Rinse.

5. Let dry. Reinstall in the appropriate window. Enjoy clean screens with little work!

Now I am off to clean the windows while the screens dry!

(Yes, mom, though it does appear that my house is always in a state of chaos and filth, I do clean occasionally! And if you were to come by in about 15 minutes, I can promise the windows will be clean. However, I cannot promise they will be clean a moment after that! :) )

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tip. Doing spring house cleaning is lots of work but the results are always such a feeling of satisfaction!



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