Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Morning Out!

Rarely do I take all kids out with me to go . . . well, to go anywhere. It really is a lot of work. At least, I thought it was. Today I wanted to get out. Go someplace. Do something out of the ordinary. It has been wonderfully hot around here, in the 30's, so I have been busy planting and digging and weeding and pulling and staining the deck and a host of other projects outside that have left me well tanned! I wanted a break from that so we - all of the kids and I - went to Steinbach garage sale-ing! I was not planning to take all 5 in with me - the plan was to take 2 at a time and the other 3 could stay in the van, in plain sight of me. Well, we got to the first place and they all wanted to come. I thought we would try it once and see how it went! What little angels they were! We looked and shopped and found some great treasures and they were fantastic. So, each of the sales we went to they came in, if they wanted. What well-behaved kids they were!! One garage sale we went to had a park right next door - I think all sales should be that way! Mom can shop while the kids play! So, with some sales under our belt and some time for the kids to play, we headed off to DQ for a yummy lunch! Let me tell you, it almost killed me to throw away partially eaten sundaes - AGH!! Normally Jay would have finished them but he wasn't with us. And with me not eating sugar, I didn't have a choice! Anyway, the day was great, the kids were gems and I just may go out more often!

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  1. Very impressive!! Great weather, amazing kids, fun bargains ... sounds like a fabulous way to spend the morning! Curious to know what treasures you managed to uncover :)!


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