Thursday, January 21, 2010

Date Night - The River Trail

This past week has been gorgeous, Manitoba weather-wise! The temperatures have been a balmy -8C and above - absolutely fantastic! One of my dreams has been to skate the Assiniboine River trail here in Winnipeg. Yesterday was just that day so hubby and I dropped the kids off and went on a date!! 2 years ago my in-laws bought me these amazing skates for Christmas - Nike figure skates with a quick-lace system and a comfy faux-shearling fold-over cuff! I have NEVER worn such comfortable skates in my life. And the quick-lace system is a bonus - when I was wearing my husband's hand-me-downs, he always had to lace my skates for me - I felt like such a little kid! Now I feel like a grown-up!! ☺ I don't have a picture of the skates because I keep them at the in-laws since that is where we do the majority of the skating. Dad-in-law makes a rink on the farm, which is just wonderful. However, the river trail allows you to skate in a straight line for a long time - an oval skating rink does not afford that luxury.

The Assiniboine River trail is the world's longest naturally frozen skating trail, measuring 9.3km. We did not skate the entire way! We did spend about 30-40 minutes skating and it was beautiful (no need to run today!!). Once again, I did not take any photos as we went since it was getting dark. However, these photos by Ken Gillespie capture the trail beautifully!

I finally discovered just how wonderful my new jacket really was! I was without adequate snow gear (how is that possible in Manitoba??) so the in-laws bought me this amazing Scott jacket for Christmas. I was told it was very warm and were they ever right! I was wearing only a camisole and light top over it when we went skating and I got so warm I was even sweating. Thanks to the armpit vents (which I thought were pretty dumb when I got it!) that problem went away rather quickly. I am now convinced of this jacket's amazing properties!!

So, after we were done skating, we headed out to Boston Pizza for some of their yummy, yummy food! I was particularily interested in their bundles - caesar salad, yam fries and a Greek stromboli hit the spot for me!

All in all, a fantastic evening made better by Mom and Dad Falk telling us not to rush home! I hope we can do this again soon!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I haven't donned my skates in a while, but now that Mikayla has a pair that she'll be ready for next year (and without a babe in the womb - I'm not too sturdy on my feet!!), I'll probably put them to use! We've skated at the forks, and I too learned the value of a good jacket (which I did not have at the moment) and that I still may need boards at the end of the rink to stop ;).

  2. mmm those yam fries are divine! glad you had a blast on your date night :) AND was warm too...


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