Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here I am!

So, now that I am actually here, I wonder what it is I wanted to say? I have been composing posts in my head for a while but now my mind is blank! Part of me wonders why I chose to do this - I have never been that good at journaling. Yet, I love to share my heart and maybe, just maybe, if I know someone is actually reading this, even if it is only my mother, I will enjoy this new journey! I don't really know what will fill this blog but I do know it will include a small portion of the life that happens here in this little 1000 square foot home (well, it seems little when you put 7 people in it!!).

Today I bought the most beautiful chair at MCC for $40! Quite a steal when you think of the possibilities! I like to think of it as a diamond in the rough. A little bit of work and one day this baby will be a beauty. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not even next week. But someday soon! If you had this chair in your house and the ability to change its color to anything you like, what color would you make it? My choice? Well, that, my friend, is a secret!


  1. I am SURE that whatever colour you choose will be perfect. And look at me - your first comment!! So yes, someone is reading!

  2. I would do a pale blue...but then I'd have to hide it from the kids... I'm sure you've chosen something bright and dramatic!

  3. I wish you well with the blog thing..i have tried...but i ran out of steam..maybe when the baby comes i'll have more to say...or maybe i will before then...who knows..i just don't feel the need to blog everyday...
    my colour choice would be....hmmm i was going to say orange...but it is hmm red?

  4. I also have never been good at journalling (I really don't like it, actually), but blogging, somehow, is much more fun! You did a great job setting it up!


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