Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jay's Counter Blog

So my wife started this blogging thing. Hmmm, I suppose she is not busy enough doing useful things, like taking care of children, running her business, cleaning the house, working in the garden, preparing for church ministires, doing laundry or sewing all those projects she has been researching online. I've decided to call this Jay's Counter Blog. From time to time I think it is important to hear "the rest of the story" You know. The part Chantelle won't write. My grammer and spelling my not be as good as her, but at least you will get the whole truth from me! So here goes.

So Chantelle brought home an orange chair today. My first thought was which child will need to be displaced so that chair can have a home? My next thought was will any of my neighbours see me as a sneak this chair inside, and if they do will I ever get over the humiliation. I quickly realized as I pulled the florescent orange chair out of the van that sneaking it would be absolutely impossible and that humiliation may not be so bad as it would likely be a character building opportunity. For this I would like to thank my wife. I look forward to many more character building opportunities with her.

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