Monday, August 12, 2013

Our House Plan - Main Floor

It has been requested before that I share the floor plan of our new house.  And it makes sense.  I often wonder about the flow of other people's homes since it is much easier to picture where everything is in relation to everything else.  So, with very little preamble, here it is!  This is the main floor of our house and though we tweaked a tiny bit here and there when we actually built, it is almost exactly like this.

This is the floor plan we had in mind for years.  We found a similar version online a number of years ago and started tweaking it to our liking.  No matter how many floor plans we looked at, either online or in books, and we looked at MANY, this was the one we liked best.  And we still love it!  We had contemplated adding the master bedroom to the main floor so that when we are old and decrepit we wouldn't have to climb stairs but nixed that idea for now.  Stairs will be good for our hearts, right?  Actually, if we are too old to climb stairs, we are also too old to take care of 5 acres so that is probably when we would move anyway.
The amount of space on this main floor is 1 1/2 times the size of our other main floor.  And you know what?  We love the space.  At supper the other day, the kids were just saying yet again how much they love all the space in our new house.  And I agree completely!  As for cleaning it?  Well, we are still working out the logistics of that.  Kinda hard to keep it dust free when we are still working on it.  But I wouldn't give it up, dust and all, to go back to our town home.  This is our forever home where we will raise our kids, visit our grandkids, and grow really, really old!
Next week I will share the upstairs and the week after, the basement.

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  1. Thanks so much! Love it . . . it IS mush easier to visualize the spaces. I have to say your kitchen is just FABulous!


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