Friday, October 19, 2012

Owner Building a Home - Week 21 - Better Late Then Never?

So, if you are keeping up with me, Week 21 ended a whole week ago and I have yet to blog about it.  Honestly, at this point, it is hard to remember what we did.  But I will try.  Paint.  I painted a lot.  I finished painting the second floor, actually (well, besides 2 small closets that I am content to leave for now).  Let me do a little calculating to figure out just how many square feet of wall space I painted - well, it is just under 10 000 sq. ft of wall space painted.  Oh, that is just one coat.  Times that by 2.  Ugh.  Actually, I quite enjoyed the time.  It was so quiet because most of the time I was by myself in the evenings.  It was rather peaceful.  And I am completely loving the colors!  That is helpful, too!  I finished up the orange in Pepe's room and added the charcoal on the lower half - oh, my.  Is his room ever going to look soooo good!  So grown up!  I promise to post photos when the electrical is brought into the house. 

The guys continued to work hard on the siding!  The west side is complete, the back is complete, the front is almost done and they are working on the garage side. 

They also worked on the curved openings for the garage doors.  I love the look it adds to that side of the house.

Since work is going to start happening in the basement, the basement stairs were built.  It is much easier to climb stairs than it is to climb a ladder.  Safer, too!

The most exciting part was the fact the kitchen cabinets were moved into the house!!  The lower cabinets were set in place in the kitchen so we can start thinking about the concrete counter tops we want to build.  It is so cool to see the cabinets in their spots, even if they are still covered with plastic.

Our flooring also arrived in North Dakota, in the border town where we intend to pick it up sometime in the next couple of weeks.  From the time I ordered it from the Georgia company to the time it arrived in ND was only 12 days!  I think that is great timing and I will certainly let you know all about the company once I actually have the flooring.

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur since I wasn't actually on site on Friday having to take AJ to another doctor's appointment followed by grocery shopping.  It ended up taking most of the day so I didn't work at all.  Saturday we spent all afternoon on site but instead of working on the house, we were cutting firewood and stacking it.  The kids were fantastic helpers, throwing the wood on daddy's truck and catching rides in the back across the yard just to throw the wood off again.  Pepe loved splitting the larger pieces with the axe and AJ really enjoyed stacking the wood neatly. 

They were such troopers, never complaining once.  And now we have a couple of nice stacks of wood.  We really aren't sure how much we will need for the winter but I guess we will find out this year.

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