Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Owner Building a Home - Week 15 - Electrical

Yup, that pretty much sums it up.  Electrical.  The inspector comes tomorrow so we better make sure it is all done!  It is amazing to think about all the outlets and lights that go into a house our size.  And since we are building it ourselves and it is not a contractor build-and-sell, we can decide how many lights and how many outlets.  Maybe a few more than a normal house but I always say that you can turn on a switch/light if it is there but you cannot turn on a switch/light that doesn't exist.  We don't have to use all the lights all the time.  Though hubby does say he would like to turn them all on just once to see how fast the electric meter turns!  :)

While the work on our house was progressing, the kids decided to build a house for themselves.  It was so fun to watch and has kept them occupied for a couple of days.  Love the creativity (but not looking forward to removing all the nails later!).

Then at the end of the week, just 2 days before my birthday, my kitchen cabinets arrived!!  They actually unloaded them all before I got there.  We are not ready for them at the house so they are at a secure facility elsewhere for now.  I made a couple of trips to see the cabinets and they are beautiful!  I will give you a sneak peek at them.  Most of them are all still boxed up so I haven't even seen them all myself.  It makes me that much more excited about my kitchen, that is for sure!  And it made a great birthday gift!

Now that the upstairs is almost ready for drywall (which should be starting this week), we vacuumed it all clean.  I had a few helpers - this one was the most dedicated!

At the beginning of the week things felt a little slow.  Sure, progress was being made but just at a slower pace than we had hoped.  With Mr.W preoccupied with other things and Jay and I the only ones working some days, it takes a bit more time to get things done.  By the end of the week Mr.W was back helping us and things picked up quickly.  It is amazing the difference his help makes.  This coming week proves to be busy as we are trying to get ready for the drywall company to start boarding.  To do that, we must finish the electrical, the spray foam company needs to insulate the joist cavities, the poly needs to go up on the ceiling, the electrical must be inspected and the insulation/poly must be inspected.  I suspect there may be a few late nights.

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  1. We're doing the exact same as you, building the house ourseleves, when we bought our kitchen cabinets from green demolotions, i have never been so excited in my life, i kept going and looking at them! haha.

    We've just passed the electrical stage, it took us months, as we can only work on the house at the weekends, it was beyond frustrating, it just seemed like months and months of no progress and then it all happened at once!
    I bought all my lights, robert abbey and other designers off a seller off ebay, for dirt cheap, some of them were $20 a sconce, if you've any questions of just want someone to vent to, shoot me an email! it's nice to know there are other people other there not afriad to take on the massive project of building a house themselves.



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