Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Owner Building a Home - Week 13 - Spinning our Wheels

This past week was a hard week.  Mr.W was otherwise engaged elsewhere all week so we were on our own.  He was a phone call away but it is not the same as his presence motivating us, directing us, correcting us and just leading in the great way he leads.  We knew he was super busy and didn't want to disturb him so we fumbled our way through the week. 

Then I was volunteering with the local DVBS run here in town so each morning, Monday through Friday, I hung out with a lovely bunch of grade 2 kids, singing and dancing, playing games and being reminded of how I need to trust Jesus, just like they do.  It was super fun and super tiring.  By the time I made it out to the site, it was between 1-2 pm and I felt lost.  I didn't quite know what I was supposed to be doing and when I finally figured it out, it was time for supper and then time to go home.  It was frustrating, to say the least. 

However, Jay was a trooper.  Jay just kept on working.  He, along with Mr.G when he was available and Mr.E when he came, finished insulating all the exterior walls (well, okay, there are a few pieces left here and there but basically it is done).  They also hung all the poly and sealed it to the walls with acoustical sealant.  That was also what I did.  Oh, the joy of working with a black tar-like substance that sticks to everything, never dries and is tricky to wash off.  I didn't actually get any on my clothes (Mr.G cannot say that!) but was more concerned about my hair.  It was all good in the end, though.  It may look a little messy here and there but it is sealed.  We also went back and sealed each overlap with that wonderful red Tuck Tape to ensure a good seal.  Then the guys started cutting the strapping pieces.  First we got #3 grade wood which was wet and rotten.  After they carried it all inside and had a good look at it, they decided not to use it and had to carry it all back out and carry in the new #2 wood.  One of those "make-work" projects!  Then they attached the strapping on the inside of the walls.  I have no photos of it yet so when I do I will explain the value of the strapping.  They then put the strapping on all the exterior walls.  Water lines were also run through the house and the plumbing was trenched into the basement rocks (which will get covered with concrete once inspection is complete).  Heating ducts continue to spider their way through the house.  That was about the week.  I am sure there were many other little things done here and there but I wasn't there enough to know exactly what (and I didn't take one single photo).  At the end of the week, there was certainly some frustrations about things we encountered and about things we need to fix and that sort of thing but after talking with Mr.W today (who was around most of the day, thankfully), he said all those emotions are normal.  Plus, after I was done working last night and all the lights were out and I was about to get in the van, I happened to look at the sky. 

There is nothing so awe-inspiring as a
dark prairie sky
splashed full with stars accompanied by the
dancing of the northern lights

It was the reminder of my smallness in the expanse of God's universe. 

The reminder that He not only holds all those stars in His hands, He also holds me

It was the reminder of the insignificance of my problems when compared with the glory of our Creator. 

All creation shouts His praise and I couldn't help but join in.  Who cares about my small and momentary problems when faced with the beauty of our Lord?  All this will someday pass but eternity with Jesus?  Now that is worth getting worked up over!

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