Monday, April 23, 2012

Latest Deals on Electrical Supplies and Stair Parts

Are you tired of hearing about all the deals I am finding for our new home?  If so, you can just close this post and move right along - you won't like it!  :)  I am excited to share with you another couple of great deals I found, following my own advice found in this post, particularly points #1 & #2. 

Following point #1, I found an amazing bargain on Kijiji (the equivalent of Craigslist, for my American readers).  Jason has told his mom that he thinks I am wasting time when I am online, scouring Kijiji, but then I find a fantastic bargain and he thinks it is all worth it (and just so you know, I do not look everyday, not even every other day!).  Back just before the Easter weekend, I happened to stumble upon an add for brand new electrical supplies.  Rolls of wire, electrical boxes, receptacles and switches, and cover plates and breakers and a panel box and the list just went on and on, all brand new and sealed in their packages.  When I told Jay about it, his first thought was that it was stolen!  Who sells brand new electrical supplies for a super price on a forum such as Kijiji?  His only conclusion was that it must be stolen!  Well, I responded to the add and they got back to me a few days later, by phone, and explained that their father used to be an electrician but had passed away and now they were cleaning out his stuff.  Apparently he not only had supplies in the house and garage but also in a storage unit.  Since that call, we have made 3 trips to pick up supplies.  The first time Jay drove about an hour one evening to pick up as much as he could for the cash he had.  Since we had no more cash in hand, we made arrangements to pick up more supplies at a later date.  A few days later he met up with them in a parking lot just about 15 minutes down the road.  We thought that was the end.  Then they emailed us a few days later to let us know that another buyer never showed up for more supplies, were we interested in those?  Absolutely.  We also inquired if they had any other items we may need for a new house and they emailed us a list we never saw before.  So, this past Saturday I met up with her again in a parking lot in the city where I was having lunch anyway to pick up the remaining supplies we needed.  Now we have a huge chunk of our electrical supplies for less than half the contractor price we were quoted.  I was very pleased to have found that deal!

Then on Saturday when I was in the city, I made a stop at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  When I told Jay in the morning that I intended to make a stop there, he wanted to know why.  I told him you never know what I would find.  Turns out I found something I never expected.  Stair parts!  I walked past an aisle filled with brand new solid wood spindles (oak?) and contemplated how they might work for the house and if they were a good price.  There was also some huge newel posts in the stack.  Behind me a gentleman was looking through a selection of solid wood handrails.  The wheels in my brain started churning and I made a call to Jay.  I had no idea what price was a good price, how many spindles we would need and what length of handrail was necessary.  Jay promised to do a little researching and check out the plans and then get back to me.  I wandered the rest of the store waiting for his call.  When he called back, he confirmed it was a great deal and informed me how many of each item we needed.  So, there I was kneeling in a pile of chewed gum (eeew!) sorting through the spindles to find enough matching one.  So far, so good (well, except for the gum). 

Then I went crawling under shelves to sort through the handrails, finding one that was long enough and straight enough.  Then I went back to the spindles and returned all the ones I had picked out because they were the wrong size for the handrail.  So, I found a different style of spindle in the correct size and in the correct amount.  After I choose 2 huge newel posts, I was set to go. 

I was so proud of myself.  Yes, my nice light pink spring coat was filthy and I had the remnants of gum stuck to my pants but I was victorious in finding what I needed.  The icing on the cake?  Saturday was 20% off day at the Restore!  So, my great deal became a fantastic deal.  After getting home, I discovered that I paid about 65% less than I would have had I bought those items at a big box store.  No, the wood doesn't match but since I will end up painting them anyway, that part doesn't matter.  What does matter is that we are slowly accumulating items for our house at a fraction of the regular retail price.  As my neighbour said, I will end up building my house for nothing (or right next to it!).

Right next to the Restore is a tile warehouse store so I made a quick stop over there to check out what they had.  I am not that particular about stair parts.  I know what color I want but the style is not that particular.  Tile is a different matter.  We need tile in our master bath around our tub and in the shower and a back splash for the vanity.  I would also like tile for the floor but that is a matter for a whole other post.  I am very specific in the style of tile I want.  Not just anything will do.  And up until Saturday I hadn't found any that I liked.  (To be honest, up until Saturday I never stepped foot in a tile store!).  I was so glad I made the stop because I finally found a few choices of beautiful tile that just might work.  And one of them is actually affordable!  When we choose our tile I will be sure to share with you what we actually went with.  Fortunately, that is not something that needs to be rushed right now.  For that matter, neither did the electrical supplies or the stair parts but with prices like that, you buy immediately.

This week should bring its own set of thrills and excitement but I will share that with you at the end of the week.  Until then, have yourself a fantastic week!  I know I will!  :)

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  1. Great work!
    You are an inspiration! Don't stop updating us on your adventure and happy building!


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