Saturday, September 17, 2011

3 Days As An Early Bird And How Is It Going?

Great!  Really, really great!  That first night, the night before waking up at 6am, I ended up being awake for an entire hour at 3 in the morning!  Wide, wide awake!  I was truly excited about getting up at 6am.  Yeah, I never thought I would say those words.  Well, unless something really great was going to happen like leaving on a safari or a cruise or something.  But I was just getting up.  Yeah, I was just getting up to spend time with the KING OF THE UNIVERSE!!  You cannot get any greater than that!  I know He came to join me.  I could feel His presence with me in my living room and I was in awe!  The Creator of the world was sitting with me.  WOW!!  I read the Word.  I studied the Word.  I spent time in prayer.  I wrote in my thankfulness journal.  I even worked out!  And I went on with my day.  Admittedly, I was tired before 10 that night but it forced me to go to bed at a reasonable time so I could get up the next morning and do it all again!  And the words on the page jumped out at me.  My desires and the Spirit are enemies of each other.  Did you know that?  Enemies!!  No wonder doing the things of the Spirit can be so hard sometimes since we are enemies!  But it also says that the Spirit is life!  LIFE!  He wants so badly to give life to me.  On my own, I am dead!  I am selfish.  I am mean.  I am not a nice mom!  I am a rude wife.  Trust me, the list goes on!  But in the Spirit, with the Spirit at my side, I have life.  And I am gentle.  I am patient.  I am kind.  And that list goes on, too!  I have noticed these past few days that the Spirit really can change my behavior, he can change my heart.  When I would have gotten angry at my son breaking my very favorite steam mop, I was gentle instead.  I noticed.  My son sure noticed.  This is what life in the Spirit can do.  Was I a terrible mother before?  No.  But isn't it worth getting up at 6am and spending time with my Savior, my Redeemer, knowing that He gives life and sharing that life with those around me?  Sharing that loving kindness?  Totally, totally worth it!


  1. beautiful. this is what i aspire to as well. i think it was george muller who rose at 3 or 4 am ...every day!! ;)

    ps this is Ruth...for some reason i haven't been able to comment the regular log in way.

  2. I think it was Oswald Chambers who once said (something to this effect), "The busier the day ahead, the earlier I must get up to spend more time with my Savior". You see, he got it...the more time we give to God, the more time He gives back to us. I don't know how it happens but everything that needs to get done, gets done and then some. Keep it up!
    (from your father-in-law's BC cousin, luuuuv your blog BTW!)


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