Monday, February 7, 2011

Sinks for Project 2012

As we continue to figure out the house plans, I am constantly looking for deals on the supplies we need/want for our new house. I spend a couple of times a week checking out the local Kijiji ads (same as Craigslist) to see what new or used products I can find. I scored this weekend on a couple of vessel sinks, a particular item I was searching for! The ad stated there were 3 sinks but only pictured one - I was hoping there were at least two the same so I could use them in our master bath. That was not the case but we did find two we liked (actually, all three were great!).
This is my favorite of the three he had and it will be going into the main floor powder room. I want that room to have a lot of drama and I know this sink will hold up its part in the deal. Now I need to keep my eyes open for the perfect faucet. Oh, and this sink, brand new, only cost me $50!

This semi-flush vessel that Jay picked is kinda different. It has the stepped design which is not that uncommon. However, this sink can be mounted on the counter as a vessel or it can be bolted to the wall and hung as a floating sink. We are not sure which way we would go but that is fine since we are keeping this sink for the basement and we have no idea what we are doing down there anyway! Once again, this one only cost us $50!

Finally, I thought I would show you the sinks I found last year on clearance in two separate stores in two separate cities. They only cost me $34.93 each but are so beautiful! They are not vessel sinks but I love the details on them and I love that the faucet will be mounted to the counter instead of on the sink. These will be going in the kids' bathroom upstairs. Now I just need to find some great matching faucets to go with the sinks. I might have to take a trip to my local liquidators, check out a place called El Dorado Trading Company here in Winnipeg (it was a tip given to me by the guy who sold us the vessel sinks - he uses that company and highly recommends it for great but cheap faucets, sinks, etc) or look online at I love the quest and finding deals on the way!

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