Sunday, August 15, 2010

Victory at the Track!

Every year, my parents take us adult children out for supper as an alternative to a birthday present. It always turns out to be a great evening filled with laughter as mom & dad, my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, and Jay and I all spend some quality no-kids-allowed time together. The restaurants always vary, the food is cause for much conversation and the evening one I look forward to each year. (And the fact that dad pays for it all is icing on the cake!) This year, dad decided to jazz up the evening with some racing! On Saturday, we headed out to Speedworld for 3 races around the track and what. a. blast!!!! It was so very, very much fun!! I think that we just may have to go back again. And again. And again. So, of course, the boys were talking all big and telling each other they'd go down. Us girls were just trying to not bump into the wall or each other.

Race #1 - My very attractive hubby wins the race and relives the days when his Camaro used to hug the road just like these karts do. I come in 8th out of 10. But hey, I didn't hit the wall or bump anyone or disobey any rules! It was a clean race!

Race #2 - I am getting the hang of things, having studied the "map" showing where to brake, where the quickest line through the track is. The boys still talk big. My brother wins, Jay is second and I am 5th out of 8. Not so shabby. Definately improving. Hubs tells me just to press the pedal. Go for it! So, race #3 - Boys are really talking trash now. I'm thinking I can improve on 5th. I really know the corners now. Pedal to the metal, quick brake just before the hairpin turns and quick acceleration out of the corner. Pass hubby. (I think he let me. Too bad, I will enjoy the race anyway!). Definately feel faster than race 1 or 2. How many more laps before the checkered flag?! Can I do it? 3rd maybe? 2nd possibly? Check out the monitor and - and - and OH YEAH!!! Victory for me!!

All that talking and a girl wins!! Final race, I am #1, my dad is #2 and my brother is #3. And, yes, Jay let me pass but he knew he was going slower. Blames it on the car :) All in all, a very fun racing event!

Then, we headed over for supper at BeachCombers at the Forks. The food was . . . okay. Not spectacular. Not terrible. The company - wonderful as usual! Dad, thanks so very much for a great evening and wonderful memories!

(G&T - for taking all the kids, that means the world to us!)

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