Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When we bought the country property, we were well aware it had its ups and downs - literally! Parts of the yard are high and hilly, parts are low and water logged. Jason made mention he heard ducks in the back of the yard so I took a little trip there the other day and this is what I saw:

That's right, a pair of wood ducks! This beautiful couple was swimming in the ditch just at the entrance to our yard! I happen to think the male wood duck is the most beautiful duck I have ever seen! Isn't he a beaut?

Now, when Jay said there was some water standing in the back, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I didn't expect all this!

That is a lot of standing stagnant water. Yet, that water has been hosting 5 pairs of ducks; 2 pairs of wood ducks and 3 pairs of mallards. I went wading through this lovely smelly water with hubs' rubber boots in hopes of finding a nest but alas, I found nothing. Yet those ducks have been there frequently, every time we come so maybe, just maybe, they will stay and nest and we can see some babies! They cannot fly away from me!

Although this water may look lovely, it really is a mess! It stinks, has lots of debris floating in it and it is just yucky! So, thoughts are that we will create a pond in this corner of the yard. This is the very back corner of the yard and from the front opposite corner of the yard runs a "creek". Creek is pushing it; it is more like a meandering trail of water. I could see us creating a dry creek bed in that area just to help the water drain in the spring. Ideally, we would drain the water from the back of the yard to the front but that seems to be against the nature of the property. Whatever. Right now the dreaming is fun and so is sitting on the hill just beside the water and listening to the quacks of the ducks and the croaks of the frogs!

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